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The Internet Treaty Base (ITB) of the MFA contains registers and texts of international agreements to which Poland is or was a party. These are binding agreements and those that are no longer in force. The ITB also includes agreements which Poland plans to join (i.e. agreements that are not yet binding but with respect of which the national treaty procedure has been initiated).

The ITB contains registers of international agreements binding on Poland since 1918 and those which are the subject of ongoing treaty procedures.

The ITB is regularly updated with new international agreements and the texts of agreements already listed in it.

The ITB does not contain information on certain international agreements concluded in the framework of the EU before May 1 2004 and in the framework of the Comecon. Ministry agreements (i.e. agreements concluded on behalf of the ministers responsible for matters covered by the agreements) are not listed in the ITB if they were not published in Monitor Polski (Polish Monitor).

Inclusion of an international agreement in the ITB does not constitute its publication as defined in the law of April 14 2000 on international agreements (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 127) and merely serves an information and auxiliary role.

Please send any observations on the ITB to the Department of Legal and Treaty Issues of the MFA at For additional information about the IBT select DESCRIPTION.

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